March Madness Recap!

March was a very Mey month!
* TOMS arrival    * Hopping Easter Event & Egg Hunt * Floral Crown Workshop
* Special Olympics Give Back Event


A BIG Thank you to Heartfield Florist for spending the morning with our Mey ladies creating floral crowns and Easter memories!  It was such a fun morning!!

                           IMG_6205 IMG_6203            floral crown 9      floral crown 8   IMG_6207

Thank you to all the Mothers & Daughters who spent a little of their Easter celebration with us!



Thanks to our generous family of shoppers, we were able to be one of the sponsors for the first Walker County Special Olympics Competition!   

special o 1

special o 2 special o 3 special o 7 special o 4 special o 8

We are so blessed & love supporting local charities through our monthly Give Back Events!

special o 10 special o 9 special o 6 special o 12 special o 5 special o 11

Stay tuned to see what fun April will bring!!

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