Lauren’s back from Haiti!


What an amazing, humbling, eye-opening experience the trip to Haiti with Bridgewater candles was!   The company and it’s partners are doing outstanding work in caring for children in orphanages who would otherwise be left without basic needs. With each candle purchased, Bridgewater makes a donation to Rice Bowls to cover the cost of three meals.

bwhaiti-2 bwhaiti-1

This is the first group of young men who benefited from Bridgewater’s give back efforts many years ago!
Where there is great beauty in Haiti, there is also great tragedy.
Yet, the people are resilient, kind, open-hearted, warm and hard working.
Even with all the good that is being done in Haiti (and around the world), there is much to be done.  The reality of the living conditions is overwhelming and there is much tragedy.  If you want to know more about the work being done through Bridgewater, Rice Bowls, Haiti Made, Hands and Feet, and more credible charities I had the honor of seeing at work, please click on the links below to learn more.
I will be at the shop on Friday between 11-1 to share pictures and stories about the entire visit.  If you are interested, please stop by and I will gladly share my experiences and answer any questions.
Thank you for being part of this amazing journey!
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